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Inclusions: Pick up / drop off: Jakarta – Carita Beach, Hire of speedboat double engine, Entrance permit, Snorkel eq., Lunch, Mineral Water and Guide

Experience even more of the most popular destination in Java Island Indonesia on Krakatauwalk, which combines a fabulous tours with multiple trips on sea and land. By exploring the legend Krakatau Volcano, the last habitat for single horn Ujung Kulon National Park,the last tribe in Java Baduy people and beyond

Discover & Explore the beauty of Nature and Power

Krakatau or Krakatoa
2015-12-18 10.29.37The legend Krakatau lies about 50 km from Carita Beach. Today only a small part of the origin volcano remains, but when Krakatau blew itself apart in 1883, in one of the world’s greatest and the most catastrophic eruptions, the effects were recorded far beyond Sunda strait and it achieved instant and lasting infamy. For centuries Krakatau had been a familiar nautical landmark for much of the world’s maritime traffic which was funneled through the narrow Sunda Strait. Read more

Ujung Kulon National Park
java rhinoOn the remote southwestern tip of Java, this Unesco World Heritage–listed national park has remained an outpost of prime rainforest and untouched wilderness, virgin beaches and healthy coral reefs. Relatively inaccessible, few people visit Indonesia’s first national park, but it is one of the most rewarding in all Java. Ujung Kulon is best known as the last refuge of the one-horned Javan rhinoceros, one of the globe’s most critically endangered mammals – there are only thought to be between 50 to 60 remaining. Read more

Baduy Tribe
DSC00332According to the belief that they profess, people claiming descent from Batara baduy origin, one of the seven gods or a god who is sent to earth. The origin is often attributed to the Prophet Adam as the first ancestors. According to their belief, Adam and his descendants, including the citizens has a duty Baduy ascetic or mandita to maintain the harmony of the world. Read more

Tour Packages

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Krakatau Full Tour by Speedboat. You will ride a speedboat out on this day to visit one of the most legend volcano on earth with the big bang have ever recorded.  breathtaking view Island surrounding Krakatau Overnight Tour by Speedboat. You will enjoy breathtaking view Island surrounding by exploring the legend volcano by the day or afternoon or even in the night time if there is any eruptions
rupsikrakatau peucang beach
Krakatau Ujung Kulon Tour by Speedboat. You will visit to one of the most legend volcano and explore the last home for Javan Rhino lives Ujung Kulon National Park. Ujung Kulon Tour by Speedboat. You will visit and explore the beauty of nature.which rich of biodiversity and wilderness 
cigenter river baduytours
Ujung Kulon Adventure Tour by Slowboat. Exploring and searching the wilderness low rain forest  Ujung Kulon National Park by canoeing and trekking. Baduy Tribe Tour by private car. You will visit and sight seeing the beauty of unique culture Baduy Tribe.who live in the isolated hill.


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